I was working alongside the founder of The Magic Wishing Well and I was invited to help out with the charity work, especially during the Covid-19 crisis as i was short of work and in a position to help. The main aim of the charity is to provide once in a lifetime activities and opportunities for kids, mainly who have terminal or life-limiting illnesses. We also do work overseas supplying food and other things needed by refugees in areas such as Burma, Syria and Pakistan.

During the pandemic we have had to focus much more locally, shopping for elderly local residents whilst they isolate, and providing food parcels to any struggling families. We have also been providing vital supplies to local care homes, hospitals and homeless shelters.

The Magic Wishing Well also have a fantastic and diverse team which as easy to get on with. I enjoy seeing how you can improve someone’s life with simple gestures and tasks. Meeting new people and having a good team ethic throughout is just a bonus. I would encourage anyone to try volunteering, especially if they would like a better idea of how the world works. They would learn from the charity they volunteer with and the people they are helping.


Chairman and one of the Founders of the Charity, Shakeel tells us about his daughter volunteering:


Aleira is 15 years old and has been volunteering across our organisations since the start of Covid-19. She has helped refugees, the homeless and vulnerable migrants and supported them to access services and integrate into the community. She finds her role as a volunteer enjoyable and has changed lots  of peoples lives for the better, she even purchased food parcels for the elderly and homeless from her own savings.

Aleira has also been promoting the services we offer via our social media platforms. She has also proved to be a volunteer who will go out of her way to help others in any way she can and she is currently supporting many families through this difficult time. We are lucky to have Aleira she is compassionate and always keen to support others in any way she can.


The Magic Wishing Well are based in Liversedge, you can find out more on their facebook page




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