Volunteer Stories from Almondbury


I have been a PTA volunteer at Rowley Lane School for 6 years, 3 years as Chair.  As Chair I was responsible for all the fundraising events we organised each year, which amounted to funds of over £10,000 per annum. Now having stepped back as chair last year, I have continued my involvement in a marketing capacity, promoting events via our PTA social media account.

Over the last twelve months I became involved with the initial set up and launch of Almondbury Business and Community Association. I am currently responsible for the association’s marketing and social media along with Liz whom I volunteer alongside and work closely with. I support and promote the organisation in our local area and help to launch one-off projects.

I happily give up my free time volunteering because I enjoy seeing the positive results that can be achieved. I have always liked to help and approach situations in a positive way. My marketing background and love of social media and copy writing really helps in my role within the business association. I think it’s really important to support local businesses and to shop local as much as possible. There is so much available on our doorstep. I love to discover all that is going on and meeting new people. I enjoy using social media to increase awareness of  all these wonderful things!

I personally get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering and have realised over the last few years that I must be naturally drawn to it. I love working with the team at Almondbury Business and Community Association, everyone is so enthusiastic and positive!


I have volunteered in a broad range of volunteer roles over the years. These have included as a Magistrate for 28 years (now retired and on supplemental list), Sports Umpire and organiser both at local and regional level and a Speaker at community events. I also volunteer at Ambrys Community Cafe which is run by volunteers. Due to lockdown I haven’t been able to volunteer as I would like, apart from a few socially distanced outdoor activities,I like volunteering because I enjoy meeting people and feeling useful. Volunteering provides a worthwhile experience both for me and others, it makes me feel valued and appreciated. I have always found volunteering to be rewarding because people really appreciate volunteers as they are giving back what they benefitted from. It also brings communities together and gives them a sense of ownership.


I have been volunteering with Almondbury Business and Community Association as a Marketing Volunteer for about 6 months. I mainly help the organisation with marketing and branding.  Recently I have also enjoyed being involved with “Almondbury HeART which has been a project featuring wooden hearts that a family created and distributing them to different locations. It has helped to bring in the young people of our community and has been really positive. It has really brought our  young and older people together. I have helped to organise the hearts being displayed in certain places such as local care homes, Kirkwood Hospice and all around the Almondbury village.

For anyone thinking of volunteering I would say “Try it” It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. I have 3 young children and I’m also involved in our family business but still have time to give back to the community. I have met some wonderful people along the way and its great how a smallish group can generate such positive results within the local area.


Can you tell us how you got in to volunteering?     I moved to Huddersfield from the South and joined the local PTA Associations at Almondbury Infants and Juniors schools. I then volunteered at the junior school as a classroom assistant. I did these as I wanted to develop relationships as I was new to the area and also to give something back to the community. The people I met there are still friends now, 20 years later!   Other volunteering that I have done was overseas with Raleigh International, a sustainable charity in 2018 ( where I went to Borneo for 16 weeks. I volunteered as an Administrator in the Borneo operations office where I was responsible for helping with the smooth running of the expedition. I also spent some time on project in the rainforest helping build a bridge working with young adults building their skills. I then set up Almondbury Business and Community Association (ABCA)  in 2019 because I wanted to help support small businesses and my local community.   I like to share knowledge and experience to assist others. I am a Trustee at Growing Works  where I first went to do willow weaving and then became involved with the charity. As a trustee I have helped to support the Project Manager and staff and work with fellow trustees to grow the charity. I like people to succeed and to help people. Growing Works has an allotment in Almondbury and also one nearby just off Wakefield Road at Dalton.  

So, what is it about volunteering that you like?     To see positive change from my contribution. I like to help make things happen! I like to get to meet and know people as well as have a passion for things to be successful. I have some time now and for me it’s about giving back to help others.


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