Trustee Case Study – Ben

Name of organisation you volunteer with:


Your Volunteer role:

Chair of Trustees

How did you find out about becoming a Charity Trustee?

I attended a Trustee event organised by TSL last year which had a range of charities available with a variety of trustee roles. I attended to see really what was on offer and where my skill set would be an asset to a charity. Streetbikes caught my attention as I have a background in sports development and I also felt as though my marketing and communications experience would be beneficial to the charity.

What type of activities do you usually do when you volunteer as a Trustee?

I went to Streetbikes initially as a trustee In October 2019, but as I joined the organisation was going through a transitional period. The chair and other roles were free and in December 2019 I applied and was appointed as Chair. This has been a bit of a unique year as chair as the operations halted due to coronavirus outbreak and we were presented with unique challenge. I found myself taking on tasks I didn’t imagine at the beginning of the year while also being responsible for the wellbeing of other trustees, meeting governance criteria and lots more. We also had the transition between physical meetings to virtual, all these were carried out by zoom and there were more frequent meetings than usual.

As Chair for me personally, it has been a learning curve.

What have you learnt while volunteering?

The learning is massive, when I joined Streetbikes, I wanted to learn too. I feel a great amount of responsibility and it has helped me develop as a person and professionally.

I have also learnt that it is important to find a position that you believe in, you then have the motivation for wanting that organisation to develop. It is also a great chance to meet others.

What would your message be to others thinking about being a Trustee?

I would say that I have realised that it’s okay to not have all the answers, other trustees have more experience than me and it is okay to ask for their help. Being honest with others is important. Different people have different assets, and we are a team.

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