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Safe Volunteering in Lockdown

Can I Still Volunteer?

The Government guidance on volunteering says:

You can only volunteer outside your home if:

If you do need to volunteer outside your home, you should:

  • not enter other people’s homes unless it is absolutely necessary
  • where possible, stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of their village, town or the part of a city where they live, unless absolutely necessary and follow the safer travel guidance
  • wear face coverings as required by law
  • make sure that wherever you are volunteering is COVID-secure in line with Government guidance for workplaces
  • that you are kept safe and are insured for any volunteering activities

You can:

  • volunteer while you are furloughed from your main job
  • get coronavirus testing if you are volunteering as an essential worker. (For example, if your role is part of the local coronavirus response, in health or education.)
  • send your children to school if your volunteering role is essential

I Want to Volunteer from Home

We only have a few opportunities for volunteering from home on our website at the moment, but more will be added over the coming weeks. To see what’s available go to the I Want to Volunteer page and tick Volunteer from Home under the Location heading on the right hand side of the page.

You might also want to look for charity trustee roles or Covid19 roles (again, tick the correct box on the right hand side of the page).

See the opportunities we have now

I Need Help

If you need some help with finding and applying for volunteering roles, or aren’t sure what you can or can’t do at the moment, please speak to our Volunteer Development Manager, Becky –

You can text/phone/WhatsApp her on 07776 588691.


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Covid-Safe Volunteering

If you are volunteering in lockdown, please make sure that you are staying safe and are up-to-date with the current rules and guidance.

If possible you should be staying at home and should volunteer from home. If your volunteering is essential and has to be done outside of the home (for e.g. if you are volunteering in a foodbank or are supporting people in your community) please make sure that you are following the guidelines to stay safe.

If you are looking for a volunteering role, you could search for Covid-19 roles or volunteering from home roles on our I Want To Volunteer

Find out more about the lockdown rules for volunteering