Festival of Trusteeship Masterclass – Refining your skills – Managing volunteers and staff

Friday 6th November 2pm-3pm, Online

To celebrate Trustees Week (2nd – 6th November 2020), Getting on Board are running a series of events for people who want to become Trustees and Trustees who want to keep learning and developing. 
Aimed at new and existing trustees – Managing volunteers and staff: An introduction to charity HR

Managing volunteers and staff is complex. Each organisation is different; some have no paid staff and some have no volunteers but only paid staff. This session will give you an overview of HR in the charity sector in practice. It will teach you some best practice tips for managing both staff and volunteers; and the role of the trustee in this; who are, after-all, volunteers…!

If you’re a new trustee, then you could ask your charity to pay as part of your training.

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