How have they been supporting the voluntary/community sector of Kirklees?

Early on in lockdown it became quite apparent that we had all been thrown in to a new online world with very little training and knowledge. For the majority, the words “Teams“ and  “Zoom” were not often used (if even heard of). Then on the 23rd March 2020, our working world (for many of us) changed in an instant. It soon became clear that in order to adapt and to be able to work as efficient teams and provide the much needed support that was needed, the sector would need to adapt (and rapidly). But, with very little (if any) IT budget, this was a huge challenge.

But when TSL reached out to the IT sector, they were amazed by the response and offers of free help.

Calder IT came forward with a  plan to deliver free 45 minute Introduction to Zoom sessions every Tuesday and Thursday whilst there was demand (and there was huge demand!).

Sharron Wilkinson (Volunteer Development Manager) explained “Charities were really busy trying to help people that needed their support, but also needed to change their working models very quickly. As is usual for the sector, many organisations are running on a shoestring and their IT budget is minimal (if not non existent). We were immensely grateful when Calder IT offered their help. Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) looks very different in different organisations and this invaluable support offered by Calder IT has made a huge difference to the sector.”

So, why did Calder IT get involved?

James Bulley (Managing Director of Calder IT) explained “During these uncertain times with businesses and voluntary organisations spending more time meeting remotely online, Calder IT were pleased to be able to assist ‘Third Sector Leaders Kirklees’ with providing online training to their staff and third sector associates. Calder IT’s aim has been to ensure people can communicate, using the various collaboration tools, in safe and secure manner whilst still enabling improved productivity online”.

And to conclude, over to one attendee..

“Due to covid-19 a lot of training is currently being delivered  by various organisations on-line and they often use Zoom, so the training has given me an insight into the facilities and functions, especially when the training is interactive etc. i.e. use of facilities such as the white board, chat, sharing screens, break out rooms etc.

“I really enjoyed the training and felt a lot more confident when using it…Thank you very much.”

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