What we do

What we do

We work to make Kirklees a place where people can easily give time to make a difference to themselves and our communities. We are here to:

Help communities to take action

People can often identify what they want to change, it’s the how that proves tricky.

We can help with that, bringing individuals and organisations together to make things happen.

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Help with getting ideas off the ground

Help people find rewarding ways to give time

Every year we help hundreds of people to volunteer.

From befriending an older person to mentoring a young one, putting up nets for a soccer school, to pruning trees in the park, we help match volunteers to their ideal roles.

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Support organisations to work well with volunteers

There’s more to involving volunteers than meets the eye. Luckily we know what’s what and once we understand what you want to achieve and what resources you have we can give free practical advice and support to help you work well with volunteers.

Find out about our services for community groups, charities and campaigns as well as public sector organisations

Help businesses share their skills and resources

Many businesses want to help their communities. We’ve helped local employers to identify how they can share their resources, and we are working to establish Kirklees Shares an online exchange that will help local businesses to share stuff and get things done.

If you’re a business in Kirklees please contact us to find out how we can work together.

Celebrate Kirklees’s volunteers and inspire more

We help organisations to celebrate existing volunteers and inspire new ones in a variety of ways.

We organise large events as part of campaigns like the national Volunteers Week and other local events such as our ‘Inspirational Women’ do in Huddersfield. We also provide tailored advice to organisations who want to celebrate their own volunteers.

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Offer volunteer coordination and other paid-for services

Many small and medium sized organisations don’t have the time, expertise or resources to recruit or manage volunteers.

We provide a range of professional services including volunteer co-ordination, recruitment, management and training, plus payroll and other administration services.

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