Training and Events

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Face to face advice in January

Let’s talk volunteering!    8 Jan – Chances to volunteer in HD8  9 Jan – Volunteering Kirklees – Huddersfield drop in 23 Jan – Oxfam Festival and Online Shop OPEN DAY IN BATLEY 25 Jan – National Coal Mining Museum Chances to volunteer in HD8  –  Mon 8 January  –  4-7pm … Read more

Free training in January

Get booked onto courses starting soon 17 Jan   –   Homestart 17 Jan   –   Reading Friends 22-26 Jan– Routeway to care 29 Jan   –   Volunteering in Sport Course 30 Jan   –   Talk English Friends Homestart = parents supporting other parents  (great stories here) When a parent can’t cope with what life … Read more

Frontline Events

This event gives you the opportunity to hear from senior members of the Frontline organisation, social work specialists and the recruitment team.

Media Workshop for Kirklees Organisations

Get the most from your camera, publicity & social media

Whale Hunting for Charities

Whale hunt as a metaphor for landing big supporters and larger corporate and company sponsors, the kind that transforms your charity

Hands-on Volunteer Training

Looking to start volunteering, but need some help? This training course will prepare you with the confidence and skills to get going.