Support local learners

Give support in the classroom

Learning new things can feel scary, so having someone on your side can really help. We’re looking for volunteers to support:

  • adults on courses such as ‘Confidence to Work’ and ‘Basic IT’
  • schoolchildren practice and develop their reading

Both opportunities are about laughing, learning and succeeding together. And great work experience too. You’ll receive training and ongoing support.

Supporting adults – this role is with Richmond Fellowship, an organisation that helps people who have had mental health problems to recover and live a full life. Their slogan is “making recovery a reality”. Could you help out in a classroom, maybe sitting alongside someone on a course who is feeling anxious and helping them with tasks? Courses cover things like making healthy choices, being assertive and using IT. They take place in Huddersfield and Dewsbury. Please get in touch with Karl to chat things through:

Supporting children – this is a scheme called 321 because you’ll help three children with their reading, twice a week, for one academic year (three terms, starting at any time of the year). Richard has been volunteering for this scheme (run by Beanstalk) in Bradford. He says,
“It’s hugely rewarding watching them grow and seeing the change. We are so lucky to be able to give them all of our attention. I worked with one child  with a very poor attention span. It was very hard to keep him focused on anything for much time at all. However, by the end of the year he could sit down for the whole of our 30 minute sessions with really good concentration.”
To find out more (such as what training is given) contact: 0845 450 0307 or look at their website.