Music night fundraiser


Healthy Minds are hosting a music night fundraiser on Saturday 25th April at Arden Road Social Club in Halifax. This is a family friendly event so all are welcome, tickets are available with a suggested donation of £3. Please call 0771 538 2324 to book.

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Nobody wants volunteers!

Chris Stephen has written another great, short & sweet blog post with some tips for organisations who are facing the problem with volunteers thinking nobody wants volunteers.

Of course this isn’t the case, so here’s some suggestions to avoid this situation.

“Nobody wants Volunteers”! ! !

A call to organisations. Please Sort out your Information.

Worryingly this is something we hear in the volunteer centre regularly. Potential volunteers have gone on line, found opportunities that fit their criteria applied and then a big fat NOTHING.

If you spend a couple of evenings looking on line for the perfect volunteering opportunity and then apply for 6 or 7 opportunities and no one from any of the organisations gets back to you then you can be excused for thinking that “no one wants volunteers”.

Check list for organisations.

  •  Have a policy regarding time frame to reply to online inquiries. i.e. I will reply to all enquires with 7 days. If we set ourselves targets we are generally more likely to stick to it
  •  If I’m going to struggle to get back to people. Have a standard email that says sorry we are really, really busy at the moment we do appreciate your inquiries and will get back to asap.
  • If your volunteer opportunity has been filled. Write back to people and say thanks for your interest we are sorry etc….
  • Online checklist… Have any of your details changed. i.e. phone numbers names, role descriptions. Ensure your diary has a built in check to re read all online information. It goes out of date quickly so keep checking. It does take time but it is so important.

Chris (on her high horse about keeping info up to date)

PDF version here.

Got green fingers?

Age UK PGEYour role will be to engage children by sharing your knowledge and skills around growing, cooking and nutrition. You will work with them to help them grow food, learn how to cook it and share your own skills and knowledge with them.You will volunteer alongside the Food for Life Partnership and other volunteers with the support AGE UK Calderdale & Kirklees.

If you’re interested you can find full details and how to apply here. 

Foodies needed!

Huddersfield Partnership is recruiting volunteers for the Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival on the 6th – 9th August 2015.
If you’re interested please contact Karen at

food&drink festival

Thank You – it’s important to say it


I recently wrote a blog for my friends and family while I was living away.  The blog was chatty, informative and included stuff I thought they would find interesting. The blog received far more interest and comments than I ever imagined. It reached people I didn’t even realise knew me. Inspired by this I decided to write a blog for volunteer managers, coordinators or people who work with volunteers in any capacity.  The blog will be in the “chatty conversation style” Don’t expect perfect grammar!!! Hope you can find something to make you think, inspire you or just remind you to do something about ………….. Don’t forget please comment, reply or send me an email if you enjoyed it or hated it.

You can find a PDF version of the blog here. 

This week I’d like to look at how we reward our volunteers. It’s important to get this right as it can help us to retain (and motivate) valuable volunteers. Volunteers may not expect any reward but the unexpected is often appreciated.  I have seen some really lovely ideas which I thought I’d share with you.

This what some organisations gave to their volunteers on various months of the year.

April    A cup cake wrapped in cellophane with a small thank you sticker oncupcake

MAY   A single Carnation represents the month of May. 

JUNE   One organisation gave all their volunteers an apple in June.  I couldn’t find anything in the article to explain why but it seems like a nice idea.

AUGUST : They made their volunteers a card (gift tag size) which said I’m filing you under A for Awesome

SEPTEMBER. They arranged a vase full of bare branches and tied all the volunteers’ names to the branches.  The message said Thank you to and the volunteer’s name.

OCTOBER  This organistion sent all volunteres a thank you email.  The wording related to Halloween One said “we wouldnt stand a ghost of chance without you “.ghost

NOVEMBER .  Send a postcard with a snow scene on it and attach a sachet of hot choclate to warm them up.

JANUARY One volunteer coordinator wrote a personal letter to the Chief Executive telling her about individual volunteers and then sent the volunteer a copy.

Of course a simple THANK YOU can help build confidence and pride.

What will you do to reward your volunteers? Please let me know at

Chris  (Being creative with rewards )balloon

Holiday Fun Programme is looking for leaders

Alpha Education are urgently looking for volunteers for their holiday fun programme on the 7th & 8th April, you can find out how to apply here. 

As a Holiday Fun Leader you will be expected to:

  • Arrive at least an hour before the children
  • Help with setting up the activities for the session and leave after the activities have been tied up at the end of the session.
  • Be a responsible role model for the children
  • Support children with their activities
  • Work collaboratively with other adult leaders

What is essential?

  • Be able to work well with children
  • Good communication skills
  • Be DBS cleared
  • Punctuality