Do something Special



West Yorkshire Police is currently recruiting both Special Constables and Volunteers, offering a great opportunity for you to work in a unique and exciting role.

Throughout 2015, the Force is recruiting Specials to work in and around Kirklees. To be a Special you are required to volunteer a minimum 16 hours each month and attend training sessions to broaden your knowledge and refresh your skills. The training varies from advanced driving to English law and self-defence, and it can really help to develop your own personal skills and advance your career.

Being a Special will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, improve your fitness and give something back to the community, while being at the frontline of policing. Special Constables perform a wide variety of duties within the combespecial_infographic_260115munity, which can include patrols, making arrests and dealing with anti-social behaviour. They may also work at football matches and public events.

Specials have the same responsibilities and duties as a full time officer and they provide a vital link between the police and the local and diverse communities, helping the Force to meet policing needs and increase the level of confidence and satisfaction.

If you are unable to commit enough time to become a Special, West Yorkshire Police has recently adopted the national policing initiative, Community Volunteering Scheme. This is less formal than becoming a Special, only requiring volunteers to volunteer a minimum of once or twice a year depending on how much time they can give.

If you want to do something special, come and join us. If you want to find out more on becoming a Special Constable or a Community Volunteer, please visit