Become a Trustee

About this opportunity

Preferred Skills:
1. Significant skills and experience in any one or more of the following:-
Finance & business
Work as a care professional
Fundraising and income generation
Company and charity administration

2. Experience of running/managing a business, public or voluntary sector organisation or

3. Commitment to the work of Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire and its objectives and
willingness to commit the necessary time and effort to their role and duties as Trustee,
as set out in the document headed ‘The Role & Responsibilities of a Trustee’.

4. Ability to contribute to discussions and decisions relating to the oversight and
management of the organisation’s work, including:
 ability to work effectively as a member of a team
 good independent judgement
 an ability to address strategic issues
 willingness to provide advice, guidance and occasional practical assistance on
matters in which the trustee has special expertise

5. Ability to understand and accept the duties of a Trustee, including:
 integrity and confidentiality
 proper use of resources
 respect for and appropriate treatment of staff and clients

Helpful Skills:
1. Specific experience or knowledge of any other aspect of managing a business, such
as marketing, personnel etc.

2. Knowledge of the health and social care sector, especially in the areas we operate

3. Personal experience or understanding of being a carer

4. Any qualification relevant to any of the above.

About the organisation

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire provide respite care for carers (via community based carer support workers) to enable unpaid carers to have a life outside of the carers role.

What are they looking for?

Legal requirements
To be a Trustee you must:
1. be aged 18 or over
2. not have been convicted of an offence of deception or dishonesty unless the
conviction is spent
3. not be an undischarged bankrupt, or the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or
4. not have made a composition or arrangement with, or granted a trust deed for, his or
her creditors and not been discharged in respect of it
5. not been previously removed from trusteeship of a charity by the court or the Charity
6. not be subject to a disqualification order or undertaking in respect of acting as a
company director
Also, following Regulations which came into effect in 2015, we, as an organisation
working in the health and social care sector, need to ensure that any Trustee:
1. is of good character
2. has the qualifications, skills and experience necessary for their position
3. from the point of view of health, is capable of undertaking their position, after any
reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010
4. has not been responsible for any serious misconduct or mismanagement in the
course of any employment with a CQC registered provider in England, or in a service
elsewhere which, if provided in England, would be a CQC regulated activity
This includes taking into account:
1. whether the person has been convicted of any offence in the UK, or elsewhere if it
would also have been an offence in the UK
2. whether the person has been struck off a register of professionals maintained by a
regulator of health care or social work professionals

How to apply

Please send your CV and covering letter to carerstrustmidyorkshire_logo
Mr R Clampett
Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire
Trafalgar Mills
Leeds Road